Saturday, August 1, 2009

Straight From The Heart (A Prayer Companion)

This is my second book review.
This book, firstly, was given to me by my church community brothers. We joined the same group at the same time, so this is so meaningful to me. By the way, the community we are atteding was Good Shepherd Community. It's small prayer group composed of 12 members. Sadly, the group was dissolved to due the some conflicts of the schedules and some other reasons.It's sad but I say having known and be involved in that group is one of the best things that ever happened to me in this lifetime.
Praise the Lord for that!

To continue with the book,this is basically a book of compiles prayer. Fr. Mario Jose Ladra, a priest from Laguna compiled this prayers and made this into book. There's a short profile of the priest at the back of the book.

The front cover looks dirty. Sorry for this. I carry this book in my bag, going to the office or just when I want to.

Inside the book, the contents:
-Dawn, Morningn and Night Prayers
-Prayers to Jesus Christ
-Prayers to the Holy Spirit
-The Holy Mass
-Prayers Of Those who served at the Altar of the Lord
-Marian Prayers
-Prayers before the Blessed Sacrament
-Prayers to Saints
-Favorite Psalms
-Prayers for Families
-Prayers for Healing (My personal Favorite)
-Prayers for Personal Needs and Concerns
-Prayers for students
-Prayers for Priests, Religious, Seminarians, and Vocations
-Prayers for Different Professions, and Works
-More Inspiratiional Lines
-Prayers for the Dead
-Tagalog Prayers (Tagalog is the national language of the Philippines)

The bullets above are the actual contents of the book. That is in order.
The book also comes in hard cover. Since this is the present, I don't know how much the book cost. I saw this in St. Paul's Religious Center, if i remember correctly, this is 150 php or less.

This book is all-in-one prayer book. This is handy and covenient to carry.
Yes, I recommend this instead of bringing the small separated chaplets.
Just remember thought that prayer is not the recitation of the words, but a conversation to God. Must be honest and sincere....

Have a good time Praying!

P.S. If you wana a sample of a prayer of any of the bulleted contents, you may leave a comment.


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  2. oh. thanks a lot.
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